An intense pain often involving one single nerve is called neuralgia.

The face and oral cavity is supplied by various nerves, which often provide branches to different parts of the face. In some instances, these nerves may get damaged, a process known as demyelination of nerve, leading to the exposure of the nerve and thereby causing a sharp shock like pain.

  • PAIN: The electric shock-like pain or burning and its spasmodic
  • LOCATION: Present on one side of the face, in the distribution of nerve
  • DURATION: Short bursts, lasting a few seconds to less than two minutes. Several attacks can follow each other within minutes
  • TRIGGERING FACTORS: Eating, shaving, washing, applying makeup, brushing the teeth and talking but may also occur spontaneously.

Often imaging procedures are performed to evaluate a neuralgia. This is performed to evaluate the exact location and extent of nerve damage, if possible. Blood tests, nerve conduction study may also be performed.

Often neuralgia of the face can be managed with medications. However, in some patients, surgical treatment may be advised. Consult a facial pain specialist for further details.

Last updated on 11 December, 2018.

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