Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that affects the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Cellulitis is caused by Streptococous and Staphylococous bacteria

Patients present with red swollen face, which is painful and skin over affected area is hot on touch. The redness and swelling spreads fast. The patient might also present with chills, fever, rashes, feeling of illness, dizziness and muscle aches.

Cellulitis of face and neck can be caused by dental infections or abscess. Any long untreated caries/infections of mouth & face can lead into cellulitis. The commonest cause is infected wisdom tooth that have been long neglected.

The presenting symptoms of patient such as redness, swelling of face, severe pain, fevers and chills are suggestive of cellulitis. The dentist makes a quick note of your history of pain and an examination of your mouth head and neck to locate where the problem starts. Blood could be drawn for certain blood tests too.

The treatment of cellulitis depends largely on the clinical presentation. Treatment include incision and drainage, emergency tooth opening for drainage of pus. Antibiotics will be prescribed for duration of 10-14 days depending on the severity of the infection. Pain killers are also prescribed. Once the infection subsides, the dental tooth at fault can be treated.

Cellulitis spreads fast to lymph nodes and your blood stream. If untreated it can be a life-threatening problem! Immediate and proper dental treatment can control the infection and your doctor’s advice is to be followed strictly.

Last updated on 11 December, 2018.

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