Youth and Teens (12-17y)

“Too young to grow up yet, too old to be a child, too smart for immaturity and too childish for adult conversations.” The teenage years often shapes a person’s mind, persona and personality. It is in this phase that children figure out the way in which they would like to grow, as they become young adults. This age group faces numerous potential challenges, such as the tendency for sports associated injuries; which can cause severe damage to their teeth. Another common challenge is the lack of motivation to maintain good oral hygiene, and the potential to develop further decay as a consequence of increased exposure to refined carbohydrates. As they learn the responsibilities of growing up, they should be encouraged to inculcate the habit of maintaining good oral hygiene. A conscious effort is also needed to make teens aware of the alterations of the diet and its potential impact on the oral cavity and general health. This section will deal with the commonly asked queries in management of oral care during teens.

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