Pregnancy and Oral Health

“With the conception of a child, a mother is born” It is said that there is no joy comparable to the joy of nurturing, caring and nourishing another human being, and there is no person who will experience that joy to the extent a Mother can. From the infant’s conception, a woman develops a deep bond with her child, which grows through her pregnancy and often lasts a lifetime. Pregnancy is the earliest stage of bonding between a mother and her baby, which is why it is of great importance to be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy during this phase of life. Hence, it is only obvious that Oral Health be given great importance during this period. It is has also been noted that women are often more vulnerable to certain types of oral conditions during pregnancy, and also often are fearful of visiting the dentist due to misconceptions on dental treatment, and the risks it could pose to the child. This section deals with common queries, myths and facts about pregnancy, and also helps in patients seeking information on pregnancy-associated dental issues.

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Pregnancy and Oral health

When should I visit my dentist during pregnancy?