Orthodontic Care

A perfect smile can melt a million heart, and it is the duty of orthodontic experts to satisfactorily provide the same for us all. With the ever increasing demand for a happy and healthy smile, orthodontics has now become a routine treatment for the aesthetically-inclined masses. Although previously restricted by age factors, the scope of orthodontics has advanced to involve both the young and old, in both interceptive and corrective care capacities. Despite its results, often orthodontic treatment may result in poor oral hygiene for many patients as a consequence of the various foreign objects in their oral cavity. This may cause food accumulation, inflamed gums, bleeding on brushing, and trauma from braces etc., which often complicate the daily oral habits of the patients. In such scenarios, often the patient is unable to handle these oral complaints and may discontinue the orthodontic treatment, leading to future complications. This section deals with a brief on orthodontic care, common oral complaints associated with the same, and a few home care tips for its management.

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Orthodontic Separators

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Orthodontic Care

What is Orthodontics?

Lingual Orthodontics

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