Oral Diseases

The oral cavity is not just made of teeth but also of tissues which line the complete mouth and continue on to your throat. This tissue is unique as it is one of the few areas in our body which is constantly exposed not only to food and saliva but also heat, cold, air, micro particles and bacteria on a routine basis. Hence the oral tissues can be considered as an equal partner to your teeth and a healthy tissue is a must for a healthy oral cavity. It is often said that “mouth is the mirror of the oral cavity”. Your oral tissues can even be the first to present signs of poor general health. This section deals with any and all queries regarding the tissues of the mouth.

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Dento-alveolar Abscess

What is Dento-alveolar abscess?


What is neuralgia?


What is cellulitis?

Oral candidiasis

What is candidiasis?

Oral herpes - Cold Sores

What is oral herpes?