Older Adults

“Strength and beauty may be the gift of the young, but with old age comes the wisdom to know that you don’t need the same” This age is often considered as one’s Golden period, where one can relax and reap the benefits of habits from their youth. But the older age group are often associated with various health issues, most of which can potentially affect the status of their Oral Health. The older age groups are prone to develop oral conditions such as gum diseases, dry mouth etc., which further enhances the bacterial damage to the teeth and leads to an increase in dental caries. Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and kidney issues are noted in this age and can have a detrimental effect on the gum health. Only regular oral evaluation can help in identification of oral lesions which may occur as an early marker of untreated systemic diseases. This section deals with queries regarding the management of Oral Health in the older age, and the common early signs of untreated systemic diseases, and other oral aliments of this age group.

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Bad Breath

Why do we get bad breath?

Complete Denture

What is Complete Denture?

Dental care for the Older adult

What particular dental problems may older people have?

Denture Stomatitis

What is Denture Stomatitis?

Fixed Partial Denture

What is Fixed Partial denture?

Removable Partial Denture

What is Removable Partial denture?

Root Caries

What are root caries?

Interdental Cleaning in Old Age

Why should we use interdental cleaning aids?