Heart Disease and Oral Health

The cardiovascular system is a blood transportation network, whose essential function is pumping oxygenated blood to the brain and other organs. The heart is vital to life, and thus diseases of the heart are known to have a high mortality rate. In fact, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the leading cause of deaths linked to Heart Disease in the world, representing over 29% of all global deaths. Owing to the advancement in Health & Emergency services, more individuals with heart disease are learning to deal with its effects on their General and Oral Health. Unfortunately, various misconceptions and fears, regarding the safety of dental treatments in patients suffering from heart diseases, still remain. This has led to many patients ignoring their Oral Health, which has often worsened their condition and also posed potential side-effects to their general health. The challenges regarding Oral Health care management in patients with heart disease have now become more manageable. A few common complaints and myths regarding Oral Health in heart diseases are dealt in this section.

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