Gum Health

We’ve all experienced bleeding gums, oral malodour and shaky teeth, haven’t we? The gums, and the supporting tissue, are often the unsung heroes of our oral cavity. They support, protect and aid the teeth in best maintaining their function. Inflammation of the gums is one of the most commonly noted diseases in the dental clinic. The initial symptom is bleeding, spongy gums, but the damage soon extends to the supporting structures as well. Due to the lack of pain, and absence of specific signs of this disease, gum disease is often ignored until perhaps beyond repair. Another unique aspect of the gums is its ability to act as early markers of general health. Gum inflammation can be clinical signs of a myriad of diseases including vitamin deficiencies, cardiovascular health issues, diabetes etc. This section deals with the common queries regarding gums in health and disease, as well as simple home care tips for improved gum health.

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How are pockets treated?

Gingival Bleeding or Bleeding gums

What are the causes of gingival bleeding / bleeding gums ?

Scaling and Root Planning

What is Scaling?

Splinting of loose teeth

What is Splinting of teeth?

Vitamin supplements for gum health

Why are Vitamins essential for gum health?

Smoking and Gum health

How does smoking affect gums?

Dark gums

What are the causes for dark gums?

Influence of systemic diseases on gum health

Is there an association between Gum Disease and Diabetes?