Children (6-12y)

“Little is known about how children play, learn, grow, dance and delight us into exhaustion all in one day, and wake up the next to do the same all over again.” Children at 6 to 12 years of age are active, energetic and are often perceptive of their health and surroundings. This is the age group where the Milk Teeth are replaced as the Permanent Teeth erupt into the oral cavity. During this period, oral care is of prime importance as newly erupted Permanent Teeth are very prone to develop decay. The other aspect of children in this age group is their growth potential can often be used for the early evaluation and management of potential malalignment of teeth, using myofunctional appliances, as well as the correction of habits such as thumb-sucking, cheek-biting. This age also brings about changes in their diet, which can further increase their tendency to develop decay, hence care should be taken for the same. Dental Care for the developing young minds of pre-teens involves the need for a more proactive approach by the child, so they can take responsibility of their oral care. This section will deal with the commonly asked questions regarding oral care once the permanent teeth emerge into the oral cavity, and other queries relating to pre-teen oral care.

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Mouth Breathing

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Accidental Permanent Tooth Loss (Tooth Avulsion)

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Blunderbuss Canals

What do you mean by blunder buss canals?

Serial Extractions

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Class III Malocclusion

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What is pulpectomy?


What is pulp therapy? Pulpotomy, pulpectomy