Babies / Children (0-6y)

“The smiles of children are little drops of heaven, sent down to earth” New born and young children are often the most delicate, requiring special care and attention. It is in this early stage of development that they are most prone to develop oral problems. The unique challenges faced by parents, with children of this age group, is during the teething phase. Teething is a process where the teeth first erupt into the mouth - a condition that can often be stressful for the child. Although it is asymptomatic in a few cases, many children cannot often express the discomfort in words. Cavities are also a common complaint. Young children are at a higher risk of developing cavities due to the frequency of night-time feeding with sweetened milk. The milk and sweetener often remain overnight on the surface of teeth, which leads to decay as the teeth are exposed to attacks from microorganisms for an extended duration. Another aspect of dental care for the young is the necessity and timing of proper oral care and brushing. This section deals with all the various queries regarding the myths and facts about oral care in babies, general care of dental health and hygiene and the most common oral complaints in children with a brief about its management.

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