“Growing up is not growing old, it is the art of understanding and appreciating the little things in life” Turning 18 years old often marks an important milestone in a person’s life. It is at this point that one is considered capable of making life decisions, and learns how these decisions can impact their life. There are many responsibilities that come with adulthood, and proper dental hygiene is no different. One of the most common problems noted in young adults is the eruption of Wisdom Teeth and its associated disorders. Often 3rd Molars do not grow in an orderly manner in the oral cavity, which leads to pain, inflammation and may even cause damage to its adjacent teeth. The other common dental complaint for adults is that of Decay. It is often noted that adults tend to develop decay on their biting surfaces, and in between the teeth, which may be missed during self evaluation. The likelihood of Dental Caries often increases due to increased consumption of refined foods; a rather unfortunate side effect of busy work schedules, which often leads to adjustments or alterations in eating habits. Another common issue in adults is the health of their Gums. Gum health is often ignored, leading to mobility, pain and oral malodor in many patients. Regular adult gum care is required to ensure that minimal teeth are lost in old age. Here are a few common questions you may have regarding the dental health of an Adult -

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Dental Amalgam

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Cosmetic Dentistry

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