Dental Health

Acupuncture: a possible treatment for dental anxiety

Dentists can either be heroes without a cape for some or devils without horns for others Even the thought of dental appliances entering their mouth can make them anxious But let s stick a pin on this and try to...

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Does your child have excessive saliva? Should it worry you?

Drooling is absolutely normal even for adults Here is all you need to know about your baby and excess salivation...

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Genetic Testing and Your Dental Health

Did you know the connect between your dental health and genetic testing Really How feasible is it Well check out some important info related to this To read more click here...

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Some must-knows about your Oral Health

You may have heard a lot about oral health But you may not really have delved deeper to find out more about it What is it for men and women Is it the same or is it different Well to...

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The Chikungunya Virus and Your Oral Health

Want to know more about what Chikungunya is And of course it s effect on your oral health Yes Most of us didn t know about this angle To know more click here...

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