Top 6 tips for great lips

Your lips are like sponge – when they are exposed to moisture, they soak up the water and plump up and they dry out and shrink when they are dehydrated. The skin on the lips is unlike the skin found anywhere else on the body: it has no oil glands (oil helps protect the skin from elements by acting as a barrier) and its thinner (blood vessels are visible which generates the pinkish appearance). Constant exposure is the main reason they’re prone to dehydration especially during months that are cold and windy (winter). The result of exposure is rough, red and sometimes painful, chapped lips which won’t hold lipstick even if it was spray-painted on! 

So pucker up butter cup, with a little TLC (tender loving care), you can get better looking lips in time. Just follow the steps below:          

  1. Keep hydrated – Keeping your body hydrated with water will also keep you lips looking good! 50-60% of our body constitutes water and not maintaining the appropriate percentage will take a toll and your skin will show it. Your lips have no self-preservation ability and they are the number one in the list to display this absence. It’s essential to always be hydrated and drink lots of water in order to preserve the natural colour of your lips. Also, foods that have higher water content helps like watermelon, cucumber, lemon, orange, etc. Although you feel like you don’t need it, remember to drink sufficient water in winter as well.        
  2. Avoid biting or licking your lips and moisturize – On the contrary to popular belief, saliva rather than adding moisture to your lips, sucks them dry. Which is why it is advised that you should not lick your lips to keep them wet; in fact, that method results in you doing the opposite – drying them out further. Similarly, biting can damage the lips and cause them to chap. The best solution is to carry a non-flavoured natural moisturizing lip balm for instant application. It will condition and protect your lips.         
  3. Exfoliate at least once a week – A recurrent process carried out by skin cells is replacing the dead layer of cells on the exterior with a new layer of cells. Our skin is kept soft and supple due to this process. However, if this layer does not shed completely, then your skin looks dull and dead. The same thing takes place with your lips too. Exfoliating is a way to remove dry skin and dead cells from your lips. It’s recommended to use a natural lip scrub. Sugar and olive oil are a good combination, mix them together and apply it on the lips. After a while, rinse it off and apply moisturizer.   
  4. Read the labels and choose the right products – In the market today you have a variety of lip balms, gels, creams, you name it. Spending a few extra minutes reading the labels on these products won’t hurt. This way you will have an understanding of what you are going to apply on your lips. Look for ingredients that attract moisture or natural conditioners and steer clear from products that contain unnatural substances. Look for – Aloe Vera, glycerine, Vitamin E, Shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil. Stay away from products that have alcohol, camphor and menthol as they cause irritation and dryness.      
  5. Sun protection – Don’t use SPF only on your face, you lips need it too! Just UV rays can damage the lips just as much as the skin. Use products which contain SPF on days when you are out lapping up the sunshine.
  6. Kick the habit – A habit which adds vertical lines around your lips also easily adds anywhere between 10-15 years to your face; smoking. Especially women smokers are prone to developing wrinkles that are deeper.       

There you have it, simple and easy tips that you can follow regularly to get great looking lips.

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Last updated on 30 July, 2018.

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