Do’s and Don’ts of oral care amidst a pandemic


1. Avoid hiding your travel details. You will be putting your life as well as your dentist, the dental staff and other patients into potential harm.

2. Avoid hiding your respiratory illness or any other illness as you will be putting yourself as well your dental team and others into risk

3. Avoid self-medications. Your dentist will be more than happy to help you in dire needs. Do not become your own "google doctor" or let your neighbour or a family member become one.

4. Avoid consumption or rinsing of the mouth with alcohol or Dettol or other agents. They will not wipe out the virus from internal organs but can put your life in potential danger.

5. If an oral condition is not of an emergency and your the dentist takes a call on posting your appointment on a later date. Please do cooperate and trust your dentist


1. Call your dentist before enquire regarding your oral symptoms/problems/condition.

2. The dentist will decide whether it falls under emergency care based on your complaint.

3. In case of an emergency call before and inform your dentist regarding the situation, so your dentist can take a call on any further procedures.

4. Please do inform regarding any recent travel history undertaken during the last three months.

5. In case of respiratory illness found either in you or your family members make sure to notify your dentist regarding the same.

6. When you are visiting a dental clinic and an adult if possible, try to travel alone to avoid crowding.

6. Do not use any home remedies in case of acute pain or swelling. Consult your dentist first.

7. Prevention is better than cure. During these trying times do not neglect your oral hygiene. Brush twice daily and take care of your oral health.


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Last updated on 01 April, 2020.

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