Amazing tongue tickling facts about your tongue!

Know your tongue

The human tongue which is also a muscle comes in two parts, the anterior, and posterior. The visible part is the anterior which is the major part and the posterior is the smaller part. 

There are eight muscles that aid the tongue and are referred to as extrinsic and intrinsic muscles. The extrinsic muscles help the tongue change positions and move. The intrinsic muscles help the tongue roll, point and even change shape. 

First-off, we at DentoXpert, wanted to give you some fun, interesting and quirky facts about your tongue and in this we wanted to make it as well-rounded as possible!

  • So, we begin this by stating the obvious. The tongue is a muscle, it is a strong and an independent one, and is the most flexible. 
  • The tongue is the only muscle that has no known support from the skeleton. It is an independent operator! And how!
  • And yes, your tongue never fatigues or does not get tired at all. Ringing a bell, anyone? Yes. Now you know why some of them never get tired talking. A shout out to those talkative types! It is your tongue that is doing the talking!
  • Your tongue is actually attached at one end, to the floor of your mouth and it measures about 10cms. And yes, women, don’t fret. Nature has made your tongues shorter than that of men! Yes. It is a hard-to-digest truth! But nothing can be done. That is the way you are made!
  • Your tongue is your tastemaker or taste breaker! It is the only sensory organ where your sense of taste is settled. And yes, to help complete it, it is aided by taste buds which range from about 3,000 to 10,000 of them. The taste buds sit on tiny bumps called papillae and you cannot find them with your naked eye. They help detect the five key tastes, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory.
  • Not only does your tongue help taste the food, it immediately sends signals to the brain and you become a food critic the next instant.   
  • Now did you hear this? There’s not just fingerprint, but tongueprints too! In humans, the tongue prints are as inimitable as fingerprints. Now we have got you thinking. A day will come when you are asked to give your tongueprints! Hmm!
  • Were you aware of this? Or did you just realize when we told you? Or did you discover it when you were stealing a kiss? The tongue has a very rough exterior. Nature made it that way! 
  • Oopsie oops! If in most parts of the world, the tongue is used to make faces and is seen as rude behavior, in Tibet it is actually a form of greeting! Now how strange is that!

The Tongue- Your health-o-meter!

  • Your tongue can actually provide clues about your overall health
  • If you want to be assured that you are in the ‘pink’ of health, then a healthy tongue too would wear a nice pink color.  
  • If your tongue is wearing different shades of red, it could be signs of fever, infections, or even allergies. 
  • If your tongue is a bright shade of red, then it may be indicative of Vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiency. It may also be indicating certain types of rare fevers or some serious health condition. 
  • If your tongue is blistered and all ‘red’, it means that you may be suffering from a dry mouth condition and there is underproduction of saliva. 
  • Intense white spots and a thick white coating may scream of a yeast infection known as Thrush or it may also be pinpointing to some form of cancer. 
  • Black and a hairy tongue! Imagine! Well, it happens. Especially if it is a sign of bacterial infection or it may occur in people who have diabetes or are undergoing chemo. 
  • If you are having a shade of yellow on your tongue, then it could be a fever or a stomach issue. 
  • If there are warts, mouth ulcers or some bumps, then a visit to your dentist is mandatory to evaluate it further. 
  • Fat tongue? Really? Yes. You can have a fat tongue if you are obese or if you suffer from a condition known as sleep apnea. 

Animal Kingdom

The tongue is a good cleaner! Not just in humans but in animals too! After eating, it helps clean naturally. In cats and dogs, the tongue serves as a way to clean their bodies. And how! The rough texture of the tongue helps remove microorganisms and dirt. And yet for some animals or insects, the tongue helps catch prey!

And yes, in the animal kingdom, the blue whale has the biggest tongue and boy oh boy! It measures a whopping 2.7 metric tons.

After a lot of running around, you may have seen dogs stick out their tongue. Why you may ask? Well, it is because it increases in size, due to the exercise and they want to cool off too! Well, that is a ‘gyaan’ you may never have known, isn’t it? 

How was this information overload? Did you like it? Learnt a thing or two? Did you find it enjoyable and fun? Give us your feedback; we really look forward to it!

Last updated on 09 July, 2017.

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