10 Tips for oral care during a lock down

1. Brush twice daily mindfully. During times of stress, one tends to neglect caring for their body. Take the present free time and pay attention to your body.

2. Since the oral cavity can serve as a portal of entry for microorganisms you can add in extra care by regularly rinsing mouth using lukewarm saltwater gargle.

3. For the use of any mouthwash or other on the oral counter products, please consult your dentist.

4. Flossing your teeth and use of recommended interdental brushes can help you in maintaining oral health over a longer run.

5. Massage your gums using your index finger and thumb preferably every alternate day.

6. Use dental floss for interdental (in between the tooth) cleaning.

7. Use an interdental brush for wider/ bigger space where cleaning with floss would be difficult (different sizes of interdental brushes are available, kindly check marketplace.dentoxpert.com)

8. use water floss for efficient interdental cleaning (check online, our consultants are always happy to answer your queries for free regarding oral care and oral care products)

9. Kindly buy all your oral care products through online portals

10.  Last but not least, inform your dental care provider if there is any travel history or if you have flu-like symptoms if there is an emergency treatment scheduled. 

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Last updated on 30 April, 2020.

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