About Us

Oral Healthcare in India is experiencing a rapid transformation as a result of increasing demand for quality dental care. We are fortunate to be living in a time where any individual can access the information they require, granted they know where to look.

Started by a team of of enthusiastic IT professionals and Dentists, as a portal to create greater awareness about the importance of Oral Health, and Preventive Oral Healthcare; DentoXpert.com is precisely the source of information you needed.

Our primary objective is to provide users with valuable information on maintaining good Oral Health, along with important advice and clarifications on dental practices and requirements. While regular visits to your dental care specialists is a must, individuals can greatly benefit from further understanding of dental care.

As a comprehensive knowledge bank on Oral Health, the true value of DentoXpert.com lies in the following - 

  • DentoXpert strives to answer preliminary oral health questions and provide clarifications, whilst still encouraging them to visit dental care specialists.
  • DentoXpert provides the general public with online consultations regarding various dental health issues, through our eminent panel of dental experts. 
  • DentoXpert aims to provide necessary information on various dental practices and procedures. 
  • DentoXpert features an exclusive directory of dental care specialists, classified by their specialized areas of expertise, allowing patients to seamlessly connect with their required specialist.